Wine Society

Sometimes dreams come true…

Join J. Moss exclusive Wine Society today and establish your entitlement to receive allocated and limited production wines at a significant discount, event invitations and free tastings.


CONNOISSEUR - 3-Bottle Option

Receive 3 bottles of our wines, shipped to your doorsteps twice a year (Spring & Fall).

  • Members of this option also receive a 15% discount on all wines throughout the year
  • Average Shipment cost: $150-$175 excluding tax and shipping


AFICIONADO - 6-Bottle Option

Receive 6 bottles of our wines, shipped to your doorstep twice a year (Spring & Fall.).

  • Members of this option also receive a 25% discount on all wines throughout the year
  • Average Shipment cost: $300-$350 excluding tax and shipping.

J Moss strives to be a flexible style Wine Society. You can further specialize your membership by choosing which wines you prefer.  Our goal is to have our members receive the wines they enjoy most. If you have any special requests or questions please don't hesitate to ask and we will do our best to accommodate.  Club shipment rates do not include tax or shipping.  Wine shipments require the signature of an adult over 21 years of age.  If a shipment is returned or changed after being charged, you will be charged to reship/return.  Memberships are for a minimum of 1 year or 2 shipments.  Upon signing, members agree to receive a minimum of 2 shipments.

J. Moss uses a local wine shipper and is able to ship to most states in the United States.  For questions about shipping to your state, please contact us at

Please complete the information below and we will contact you directly to confirm your selective wine society membership.

Sign Me Up For J. Moss Wine Society

By clicking “Join Connoisseurr" or "Join Aficionado" you agree to the following:

I authorize J. Moss Wines to retain my credit card information for my Wine Society charges.

Shipments may be delayed due to heat holds and at peak volume periods.
Wine will not be shipped during the summer months (unless shipped using cold pack shipping) until fall weather conditions allow for safe ground shipping temperatures.

Membership is recurring and I may cancel only after I have fulfilled the minimum requirement of two shipments.  Early cancellation may result in paying for any discount shipping costs or complimentary tastings held at the winery.